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Thriving Through Challenges: A Coach’s Perspective on Wellbeing and Resiliency at Work

Deb Elbaum, MD, PCC, Consultant at Keystone Partners Talent Management, Career Management, Networking

The New “Discussability” of Mental Health: Applications to Organizational Life Post-Covid

Howard Seidel, EdD, JD Executives, Culture, Leadership Development, Talent Management

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Land a Job for You?

Tad Mayer HR Trends, Interviewing, Job Search

Episode 84 — Lisa Reilly — PTC

Career Advice, Culture, HR Strategy, HR Trends, Leadership Development, Talent Management

Episode 83 — Paul McKinlay — Cimpress & Vista

Career Management, Culture, HR Strategy, HR Trends, Leadership Development, Talent Management

Episode 82 – Kelly Schick – C4 Therapeutics, Inc.

Board, Culture, HR Strategy, HR Trends, Leadership Development, Talent Management

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Today’s Workforce is Thirsty. They Want it All.

Culture, HR Strategy, HR Trends, Leadership Development, Networking, Talent Management


Vaccine Status in Job Seekers — Ask the Expert

HR Trends, Job Search, Resume

These Interview Questions Are Popular in 2022: Here’s Why They Are Being Asked

Insights by Lensa HR Trends, Interviewing

13 Dated Job Search Strategies to Avoid in 2022

Insights by Lensa HR Trends, Job Search

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Approaching a Managerial Role with Concerns About a Certain Employee

Career Advice, Leadership, Talent Management

How Can I Delegate Tasks and Responsibilities to Members of My Team?

Career Advice, Leadership, Leadership Development, Talent Management

Advice For Women Moving Up the Corporate Ladder

Career Advice, Career Management, Leadership Development

Succession Planning

Transitioning a Retiring CEO and Identifying, Assessing, and Onboarding Their Successor Share This Page Professional Resources A leading PE firm was faced with their founder/CEO’s sudden retirement announcement. They were deeply concerned about identifying a successor who would be accepted and have all the skills required to keep the organization’s goals on track. Keystone Partners […]

Executive Development

From Outplacement Candidate to CFO of $1.5 Billion Company Share this page Professional Resources The organization had experienced a high level of attrition over an 18-month time period related to the same positions, including two Directors of Investor Relations and three Treasurers. This raised questions from Wall Street and caused the Chairman and President to […]

Selection Assessment

Using Selection Assessments to Recruit High Performing Leaders Share this page Professional Resources After experiencing extreme difficulty and a number of failures recruiting new, high performing leaders, a leading medical products company contacted Keystone Partners to develop a better way to identify the drivers of leadership success within their organization. Working closely with the organization, […]


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