Executive transition services

Transforming Leadership at Every Transition

Keystone’s executive transition services are designed to navigate pivotal times of change with grace, strategy, and comprehensive support.

Keystone’s uniquely personalized support and strategic transition management offers executives deep insights on potential direction and access to a global network of possibilities. Our proven approach emphasizes practical and efficient solutions specifically for senior executives. 

Ensure that executive transitions are not just managed but transformed into opportunities to pursue a long-term vision for success, starting with the next step.

Strategic support with exiting an organization, identifying the path forward, pursuing opportunities tailored to the executive, and entering new roles

Our approach to executive transition has consistently delivered results, empowering senior leaders to achieve their ideal outcome

Go beyond the surface with unique insights, development of key strategies needed for executive transitions, and achieving an impactful future

Executive Transition Features

Strategic Transition Management

Offers a proven process and expert partnership in exiting an organization and achieving a seamless path to new opportunities

Identifies opportunities for the next senior role, board directorship, entrepreneurship, PE/VC involvement, or
post-career paths

Facilitates alignment between personal goals and organizational strategies, enhancing executive and
company fit

The Essex Program

Premier consulting services customized to each executive’s unique needs and ambitions, ensuring personalized guidance throughout their career transition

Direct support from dedicated c-suite consultants for all job and board search components, encompassing resumes, bios, LinkedIn profiles, and social media crafting

One-on-one consulting for interviewing, networking, negotiation, onboarding, and demonstrating executive presence with the option for spouse or partner involvement by invitation from the executive

Executive Empowerment

Provides access to a broad network of industry leaders and peers for strategic connections and insights

Enables participation in exclusive events and forums, fostering relationships and sharing of best practices

Supports building a personal brand that aligns with long-term aspirations, wherever they lead

Report: Creating Resilient Workforces

Building a resilient workforce is an art, honed during pivotal opportunities to develop reciprocity and offer strategic support. This report dives into the optimal use of professional development, ensuring every investment creates profound organizational and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Keystone's executive transition coaches apart?

Keystone’s coaches are experienced executives themselves, with deep experience in leadership, coaching, and industry-specific knowledge, offering expertise specifically for executive clients on a range of issues and pursuits.

Programs are not time bound; though they can be tailored to individual needs, most engagements extend until the executive has successfully started their next chosen career stage, including some initial onboarding into the new role.

Yes, services are highly customizable to cater to the unique challenges and opportunities within various industries, leveraging industry-specific insights and expertise.

Keystone offers a global reach through its extensive network, providing executive connections to clients worldwide, including access to international markets.

Success is measured through a combination of Net Promoter Score and qualitative feedback from participants, focused on alignment with goals, quality of opportunities, and readiness to step into the new role.

"[My Coach] is a quality individual who coached me when I needed it and supported me through a challenging time of transition. The Essex program is exceptional and now I have an executive coach from the Keystone team helping me prepare and execute in my new role."

— Mark, COO, Cloud Services & Security

Keystone Partners Announces Acquisition of The Ayers Group

We are excited to welcome The Ayers Group to Keystone Partners. This acquisition unites The Ayers Group’s expertise in leadership development and organizational consulting with our growing suite of leadership transformation, executive coaching, and coaching certification offerings.

Join us as we continue to innovate and drive organizational resilience for businesses seeking a happier, more productive workforce.