Executive Coaching

Unlock Potential. Drive Executive Performance.

Keystone’s Executive Coaching program is designed to catalyze profound growth in your organization’s leaders, fostering an environment of success that benefits the entire team.

Keystone offers a variety of executive coaching programs for your leaders to unlock potential and drive high-performing behaviors. Our programs are designed to improve employee retention, realign derailing behavior, shore up misaligned expectations, and achieve goals through comprehensive support that includes coaching that’s tailored to executive needs.

Executive coaching allows leaders to sharpen their leadership capabilities, overcome tough business challenges, and achieve goals.

Over 90% of organizations that have used our executive coaching programs report a strong return on investment.

Every program is tailored to the individual executive and their unique challenges, whether they are new or need specific guidance for challenges.

Our executive coaching programs are led by a deep bench of diverse, certified coaching experts that align leader, industry, and organizational needs.

Executive Coaching Features

Core & Targeted Executive Coaching

Typically focused on addressing an issue or challenge for a leader, often a skills gap

Personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions designed to uplevel executives quickly

Build self-awareness, articulate required behavior changes, and begin the journey to close a skill gap

First 100
First 100 Days Executive Coaching

Help leaders gain faster insight into company culture and values from an objective perspective

Designed to give onboarding leaders a plan toward success in the critical first 100 days of their new position

Build relationships with key stakeholders, develop an action plan for early wins, and successfully navigate the organization

Fixed Duration
6- 9- and 12-Month Development Executive Coaching

Comprehensive alignment with HR, leader, and organizational goals to ensure that the program drives meaningful impact

In-depth, one-on-one coaching using best-in-class assessment tools such as personality, 360, and Emotional Intelligence

Focused on addressing multiple development goals and building an action plan for ongoing progress

Remedial Coaching

In-depth diagnostic phase to assess coachability, structured interviews, and assessments

Detailed summary report with key strengths an employee can further develop and where their development opportunities exist

Personalized one-on-one coaching to address critical gaps and behaviors that are interfering with an employee’s organizational performance

Report: Creating Resilient Workforces

Building a resilient workforce is an art, honed during pivotal opportunities to develop reciprocity and offer strategic support. This report dives into the optimal use of professional development, ensuring every investment creates profound organizational and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Keystone's executive coaching unique?

Keystone combines personalized coaching with over 40 years of expertise and a comprehensive support system, focusing on career advancement and performance enhancement. 

New leaders, senior executives, and leaders at all levels seeking to enhance their leadership skills, limit the impact of derailing behaviors, or looking (or needing) to go to the next level and boost their performance and impact within their organization.

Through a combination of qualitative feedback and quantitative data, focusing on improvements in leadership effectiveness, achievement of personal and organizational goals, and overall return on investment (ROI) for coaching services.

Yes, Keystone offers tailored coaching programs designed to meet the unique needs and goals of individual leaders, addressing specific challenges such as helping new or recently promoted leaders thrive, or limiting the impact of derailing behaviors by leaders.

The process begins with an initial consultation to understand the executive’s goals and challenges, followed by matching with a suitable coach, and the development of a customized coaching plan to guide the executive toward achieving their objectives.

"My coach brought the right level of academics, experience, and compassion to the work and she was always very thoughtful in her approach. I honestly cannot think of a better coach, nor could the timing of the experience have been any better given changes in my position at the turn of the new year."

— Ed, President, Healthcare Insurance