Empowering Your Workforce Through Change

Keystone’s outplacement and career transition services are designed to support your workforce with compassion, empathy, flexibility, and resilience during these critical moments.

Keystone helps organizations invest in employees during crucial career transitions by offering personalized support through expert career coaching, strategic guidance, and flexible options tailored to their individual needs.

Foster a culture of reciprocity and trust by ensuring both individuals and organizations navigate change successfully.

Dedicated career consultants customize, proactively manage, and offer flexible solutions tailored to the unique needs of each individual. ensuring a successful transition into new opportunities

Enabled by our Arch technology platform, individuals can build their resume, utilize video-based interview preparation, and access carefully curated resources to equip them with the tools needed for success in competitive job markets

Consistent NPS over +80 due to our 30:1 consultant to participant ratio, enabling a proactive management process that allows for the proper amount of dedicated coaching time

Our Approach


Reduction in Force (RIF) Strategy

Assistance with creating a sensitive and clear communication strategy for notifying employees, helping to manage the emotional and logistical aspects of the process and preparing the remaining leaders with resilience-building tactics

Specialized training for HR teams on navigating reductions in force, focusing on compassion, legality, and efficiency during these challenging times

Through career consultation and training for departing employees, Keystone aims to reduce the impact of layoffs on the organization’s operations and mitigate potential risks


Keystone Flex

Innovative approach to providing a highly tailored experience to every individual or group with outplacement needs, including large scale RIFs

Work with a dedicated coach to help develop a customized plan that will include one-on-one  meetings with your coach as well as flexible options within each Flex program

Flex options include technology resources, assessments, professional development books, headspace and other subscription options

Leverage the Arch technology platform for dashboard views of key milestones and goals, access a suite of job search resources, webinars, micro-learning videos, research tools and more


Investing in Defining Moments

Our research shows that how employers handle a critical moment such as a layoff, has a significant impact on the employee experience and perception. When outplacement is done well: 77% feel that losing their job was ultimately a positive experience, 37% more likely to return as boomerang employees, and 69% perceive employers to be empathetic

Keystone offers training for managers to effectively communicate and manage the transition process, fostering a supportive environment during periods of change​​

Resilience strategies to support the morale and productivity of remaining team members, ensuring the organization continues to operate effectively during transitions

Featured Resource

Report: Creating Resilient Workforces

Building a resilient workforce is an art, honed during pivotal opportunities to develop reciprocity and offer strategic support. This report dives into the optimal use of professional development, ensuring every investment creates profound organizational and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Keystone’s outplacement services unique?

Keystone emphasizes personalized support, resilience-building, and flexibility, ensuring each individual’s transition is tailored to their specific career goals.

Flex provides a comprehensive catalog of resources, including cutting-edge technology, tools, assessments, and curated resources. The flexibility of the point system allows users to allocate resources based on their priorities, ensuring a customized and effective approach to outplacement that’s supported by our one-on-one dedicated coaching and proprietary technology platform, Arch.

Unlike some programs, individuals receive one-on-one consulting, a professionally updated resume, LinkedIn optimization, interview preparation, and access to networking opportunities and job openings. Individuals receiving Keystone’s Flex program collaborate with their consultant to choose from a comprehensive catalog of resources, from cutting-edge technologies and tools to curated resources, using our points-based selection system.

Yes, Keystone offers comprehensive remote and virtual outplacement services to accommodate individuals regardless of their location. Each HR leader and exiting employee receives access to Arch, our proprietary technology platform where customized resources are shared and progress can be tracked.

Providing outplacement services demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being, enhancing the employer brand and preserving a positive culture for remaining employees as well as future talent.

Yes, it mitigates legal risks, reduces potential severance costs, and maintains productivity and engagement among remaining employees.

Success is measured through individual satisfaction rates, successful job placements, and feedback from both participants and client organizations. For example, 82% of participants in Keystone outplacement programs successfully achieve new positions with equal or greater compensation.

"As a human resources professional, I was looking for the best-in-class career transition partner. One-on-one personal service for my transitioning employees allows them to move on to their next position at their own pace and timing. Keystone raises the bar for all other companies in this industry."

— Tina, Human Resources Executive, Healthcare/Hospital, Denver, Colorado

Keystone Partners Continues to Grow

Recently, we acquired ICC and CEC to expand and enhance our services. Today we are excited to welcome The Ayers Group to Keystone Partners. This latest acquisition unites The Ayers Group’s expertise in leadership development and organizational consulting with our growing suite of leadership transformation, executive coaching, and coaching certification offerings.

Join us as we continue to innovate and drive organizational resilience for businesses seeking a happier, more productive workforce.