Transform Through Executive Coach Training

Whether you’re an individual looking to get certified as an executive coach or a business seeking to develop its executive coaching expertise, our certification programs make a profound difference.


Our program stands out for its unwavering commitment to providing practical, immediately applicable best practices in executive coaching that ensure new coaches start having an impact on Day 1.

We understand the value coaches get from interacting with and learning from each other. By joining, you gain more than a certification; you become part of a community dedicated to excellence in coaching.

Dive into our rich repository of over 1,000 pages of executive coaching tools and methods, tailored to help you address the intricate challenges leaders face today

Whether it’s navigating complex coaching scenarios or expanding your practice, our team is just an email away, ready to provide personalized guidance

Do more than get certified; our program helps you create invaluable relationships with other executive coaches and professionals.


Core Distance Learning Program

Our Core Distance Learning Program sets the stage with foundational executive coaching skills and methodologies, accessible anytime and anywhere. Upon completion, participants are CEC Certified Executive Coaches and are well on their way to the hours needed to apply for ICF or BCC certification as well

The program is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing participants to tailor their learning experiences according to their schedules and preferences

Beyond the certification, the program offers two years of continuous support, providing graduates with a reliable resource for further development and guidance as they advance in their coaching careers

ICF Certification

International Coaching Federation Program

Attain prestigious ICF certification through comprehensive mentor coaching and the hours needed for ACC or PCC designation

Tailored to meet ICF standards, this program ensures you receive all necessary training hours for ACC and/or PCC designation

Perfectly complements the Core Distance Learning Program, allowing for a smooth transition to higher certification without missing a beat

Virtual and In-Person Accelerated Programs

Immerse yourself in your training through one of our intensive seminars designed to rapidly enhance your coaching skills and confidence

Experience dynamic, engaging sessions, both virtual and in-person, that provide hands-on coaching practice and immediate feedback

Covers all modules of of the Core Program, ensuring a holistic learning experience even as you accelerate your coaching education

Frequently Asked Questions

What is executive coaching certification?

Coaching certification is a formal endorsement by a recognized institution or organization that verifies an individual has met specific coaching standards, skills, and competencies.

A quality training program will help better prepare coaches to have a measurable impact on clients and achieve client goals quickly. Certification establishes credibility, indicates to clients a standard level of coaching proficiency, and is often required by clients or employers seeking executive coaching services.

Completing an executive coaching training and certification program enhances your credibility, equips you with recognized and tested coaching methodologies, and can often increase client confidence and trust.

First, determine whether you plan to pursue certification from an accrediting body (e.g., ICF and BCC). Next, consider your preferred learning experience: virtual or in-person, self-paced or accelerated intensives. Last, find a program with an approach to executive coaching that aligns with your style and priorities for the type of coach you want to be.

Requirements vary by program and by accrediting body (such as ICF or BCC), but typically include completion of accredited training hours, practical coaching experience, a competency examination, and adherence to ethical guidelines. See more details on specific credential requirements here.

With CEC training programs, you can move as quickly through the program as you desire, usually with a minimum of two months of work. The duration of programs can vary widely, from a few months to over a year, depending on the program’s intensity, format (in-person, online, hybrid), and the individual’s pace of learning.

Yes, most certifications require renewal every few years, typically involving acquiring a certain number of continuing coaching education credits, mentor coaching hours, and a renewal fee.