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Providing displaced employees with effective outplacement services isn’t just a social responsibility, it’s an integral strategy for protecting the reputation of your company.

When managed with respect, empathy, and expertise, delivering actionable solutions to exiting employees can provide them—and your organization—with a springboard for realizing their full potential.

Safeguard your brand and your employees’ futures with Keystone Partners’ Outplacement services.

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The Advantages of Outplacement Services

In an era marked by rapid turnover, steep candidate competition, and ample platforms for negative feedback, employer branding is more important than ever.

Investing in Outplacement services during employee separations doesn’t just mitigate these risks, it provides a host of benefits for both your organization and impacted employees, including:

  • Positive Internal & External Branding: Almost 40% of laid-off or terminated employees will share negative reviews about their former employer. Facilitating employees’ exits with expert support will positively impact your brand’s positioning
  • Employee Morale: After a staff reduction, employees who remain often feel more stress and have less trust in management. Offering Keystone Partners’ Outplacement services alleviates this dip in organizational morale
  • Faster, Better Re-employment: 82% of participants in Keystone Partners’ Outplacement programs successfully achieve new positions with equal or greater compensation
  • Reduce Costs: Unemployment insurance claims can cost your organization thousands of dollars per employee and lead to tax increases for years to come. Quickly connecting displaced employees with the expertise to help them access new opportunities prevents these unnecessary expenses
  • Avoid Litigation: If a former employee pursues a wrongful termination lawsuit, your company could be responsible for legal fees. Ensure you empathetically navigate terminations with external outplacement services

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Keystone Partners’ Approach to Career Transition Services

Whether your organization is separating one person or faced with a large scale reduction in force, Keystone Partners will support their development with a personalized and successful career path.

Our consultant-to-participant ratio of 1 to 30 is the best in the industry. We pair every employee with a dedicated career consultant who helps them navigate every step of their re-employment. With diverse skill sets and backgrounds in a range of industries, our certified career consultants deliver the right tools to employees to help them quickly identify and land new positions.

While skills and expertise help departing employees build a brighter future, our consultants also provide support for the immediate challenges these employees face. Doing so provides a positive experience and protects the long-term reputation of your brand.

We are hearing very positive feedback from our former employees who credit Keystone for helping them land jobs. Kudos to Keystone. Whatever you’re doing keep doing it.

Our Employee Separation Services

Individual Outplacement

Outplacement is an increasingly standard practice for organizations. By providing outplacement, you enable the impacted individual to take control of the next steps of their career with the assistance of our certified career consultants. We’ll also help you streamline the transition process, train your managers, and maintain the resiliency of your remaining team.

Group Outplacement

A large-scale reduction carries a greater risk of negative feedback. Because most candidates research an employer’s brand before applying for a position, it’s integral that your organization take steps to prevent unfavorable reviews.

By providing departing employees with as much knowledge as possible, including information on the business rationale and guidance that culminates in a successful job search, we’ll help safeguard your organizational reputation and business goals.

Reduction in Force (RIF)

The prospect of conducting a reduction and an outplacement strategy at any scale is challenging, and it becomes increasingly complex when considering a reduction in force. Keystone Partners can help your organization’s leaders develop a notification plan and corresponding logistics.

From training your HR team on how to navigate this time of transition to supporting departing employees through career consultation and training, we’ll minimize organizational disruption and reduce potential risks.

How to Get Started

  1. Contact Keystone Partners and share information about your proposed outplacement strategy
  2. Clarify your organization’s next steps with one of our expert consultants
  3. Build and execute a career transition strategy that will support exiting employees and protect your organization’s future

Our Other Services

At Keystone Partners, we help organizations prioritize talent strategies that put people first and build stronger teams driven by purpose. In addition to outplacement, our services include:


How can outplacement services help remaining employees?

Downsizing an organization’s team by just 1% leads to a 31% spike in voluntary employee departures within the year. Outplacement services include resilience support for remaining employees, clarifying moments of truth in order to rebuild organizational trust.

How do outplacement services work?

Outplacement services provide support to departing employees, the remaining team, and an entire organization through a variety of programs. These can include a notification plan, HR training, reference materials, job coaching, resilience support, and more.

Why is it best to outsource outplacement?

Whether conducting a large reduction in force or separating a single individual, an unbiased third party can better provide respectful, fair, and effective communications to impacted employees. Because organizations like Keystone Partners are experts in outplacement, we also contribute to the strategy behind your organization’s restructuring to ensure it is as effective and efficient as possible.

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The first step to achieving long-term organizational success starts with an honest conversation about your organization’s biggest challenges and aspirations. Tell us about your organization and our professional consultants will follow up to discuss which results-driven solutions we think will work best for you.

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