Our Approach: Leading with a Talent Mindset

In an era when technology has equalized competition, a company’s greatest opportunity to differentiate and succeed lies in its talent.

More than advertising or R&D, how an organization treats its employees will have a lasting impact on its future success.

Teams with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable. Because of this, companies are no longer asking “why” invest in talent, but “how.”

With a trusted and deeply knowledgeable partner, HR leaders and organizations can successfully balance employee and organizational needs and move boldly into new eras of growth.

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What Does a Talent Mindset Look Like?

A talent mindset refers to the belief that investing in better employee experiences drives better company outcomes. At Keystone Partners, we work with clients to achieve this at every organizational level, whether through leadership development, career management, or empathetic career transition services.

  • Invest in Employees: Show your employees how to advance their careers without leaving your organization.
  • Invest in Teams: Ensure teams are committed to, aligned with, and equipped to achieve and exceed organizational goals.
  • Invest in Leaders: Develop and support leaders who can maximize employee performance.
  • Invest in Organizational Health: Establish a positive company culture backed by perceptive, qualified leadership.
  • Invest in Outplacement: Protect your company’s reputation and former employees’ career paths with transition and outplacement services.

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Solve Critical Needs with a Talent Mindset

For many HR teams, the rapidly changing landscape of work has created new challenges while also surfacing old ones.

Adopting a talent mindset can help organizations tackle the biggest obstacles while creating sustainable change for long-term success.

Win Top Talent

Despite the increasingly competitive job market, HR leaders can respond by investing in talent at all levels. More than 75% of employees are likely to stay with a company if offered continuous training.

Deepen Critical Skills

HR leaders say skill development can’t keep pace with evolving skill needs. By investing in talent, companies can pivot and deepen the skillset of their current workforce to meet new demands.

Empower Leaders

Most company leaders are concerned about their lack of a strong leadership bench. Investing in your current and potential leadership ensures that you will have the right people in place for the future.

Transform Culture

Making substantial changes to improve company culture can feel risky. But talent-centric strategies that prioritize senior leadership buy-in and create clear pathways for growth can mitigate the risk and lead to rewards.

Thrive Amidst Change

Employees are fatigued by months of changing workplace policies and technologies. A talent mindset can help make the transition 5x more successful by looping in senior leaders to role-model the desired behavior changes.

What Are the Risks of Not Having a Talent Mindset?

  • Difficulty Attracting and Retaining Talent: In today’s competitive job market, 48% of HR leaders are “significantly concerned” about employee turnover. Companies that don’t invest in finding and onboarding the right talent, or nurturing talent from within, will feel the shortage more severely than competitors.
  • Widening Gap in Skills: The skills needed for the average job posting reset every few years. Without a proven talent-first strategy, you risk falling behind competitors or investing in the wrong skills altogether.
  • Ineffective Leadership: Many employees don’t trust their organization’s leaders to navigate a crisis well – particularly concerning considering that leaders set the cultural tone for the rest of the organization to follow.
  • Change Fatigue: As a result of the pandemic, the average employee can’t absorb as much change, and fatigue can lead to an increase in already high numbers of employee burnout.
  • Unsuccessful Reduction in Force and Outplacement: Without proper outplacement services in place, the damage that a negative review from an exiting employee can be extraordinary — 55% of job seekers say one negative review can prevent them from applying to that company.

How Keystone Partners Can Help Your Organization

All businesses face organizational challenges, and Keystone Partners helps you navigate those challenges with longstanding success.

We offer a wide range of employee-focused services led by experienced professional consultants and bolstered by best-in-class technology. Together we’ll develop customized, actionable solutions with impactful results for your team.

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The first step to achieving long-term organizational success starts with an honest conversation about your organization’s biggest challenges and aspirations. Tell us about your organization and our professional consultants will follow up to discuss which results-driven solutions we think will work best for you.

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