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One of the greatest challenges facing modern organizations is how to situate effective leaders within their teams. It’s a concern across all industries, with 45% of human resources managers looking to build their leadership bench.

With the world changing at a rapid pace, disruption is the new normal. Talent pools are shrinking, and skills needed tomorrow are not necessarily the same skills needed today. It’s a concern across all industries, with many HR managers looking to build their leadership bench.

To help meet the changing demands of leaders as well as build their leadership bench, many organizations are leveraging leadership development. Effective leaders aren’t necessarily born that way—they’re nurtured and grown through leadership development programs.

Keystone Partners provides leadership development solutions aligned with your organization’s objectives in order to achieve its goals and business growth.

Moving into a leadership position is a moment that matters in one’s career.

Ensure Success As Your Leaders Transition into Management

The Impact of Leadership Development on Your Organization

Our leadership development programs develop and prepare leaders for current and future roles. In fact, participants in leadership development programs improved their performance by 20%.

However, the benefit of leadership development extends beyond the individual. Organizational benefits of leadership training include:

  • Efficiently Address Gaps in Workforce: Prepare future leaders for promotion, filling your talent bench to quickly address gaps in your talent pipeline
  • Cross-Organizational Skill Development: Cross-organizational transformation is five times more likely when leaders model the skills they develop in management training for their employees
  • A Connected, Motivated Team: The positive culture that results from leadership development offers shareholders a higher return than companies with mediocre cultures
  • Collegial Support: Empower leaders to collectively strive toward your company’s larger goals

Our Approach to Leadership Development

We personalize our leadership development programs to the needs and goals of your organization, pairing each individual and team with the best consultant to meet those needs.

Our blended solutions utilize our expert consultants, a variety of program formats, and the latest technology to support a multitude of fields and ranges of expertise. Together with your current and future leaders, we will help your organization achieve its next-level goals.

In Summary:


Net Promoter Score (NPS)


of participants reported their executive coach helped identify and focus on development goals, leading to positive outcomes


of participants reported feeling better prepared to lead

Now is the time to build your organization’s next generation of leaders.

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Our Leadership Development Programs

Individual Development

C-suite leaders aren’t confident in their mid-level leaders, indicating a widespread need for leadership development at the individual level.

Investing in one or more of the leadership development programs below can ensure your leaders are able to translate your company’s vision into actionable, company-wide behaviors, ensuring it achieves its strategic objectives.

  • Executive Coaching: Empower your leaders with the knowledge and tools to effect cross-organizational change and growth
  • Conflict Coaching: Re-engage leaders in the organization and turn their focus toward future development
  • First 100 Days Coaching: Launch leaders into new roles with keen insight into what they need to learn, how to best become highly productive, to engage their colleagues, plan for overall performance, and position themselves to lead their organizations into the future
  • New Leader Assimilation Coaching: Integrate leaders quickly, make a positive impact from the start, avoid missteps, and build a foundation for future success
Team Development

A majority of leaders believe teamwork and collaboration are important, yet employees often don’t collaborate enough. Team development programs address this disconnect between intention and action, providing a methodology for uniting teams.

Our practical, hands-on approach assesses current team performance and aims to strengthen team effectiveness. Our goal is to ensure the concepts and behaviors of a high-performing team are fully embedded into how a team operates moving forward.

Whether you’re facing new changes as an organization or want to promote a cultural shift across a team, development programs will build trust, increase collaboration, improve performance, and capitalize on each member’s strengths.

Group Development

Most employees believe that having trust in their organization’s leadership is critical to their engagement within the company. To foster this sense of trust, you need managers across your organization who lead with empathy and open communication and share a common approach to leadership.

Keystone Partners’ Group Development programs ensure leaders from different departments are united in their vision, execution, and skill-sharing around management.

  • Leadership Development Program (LDP): Join executives across your organization for training that will streamline strategic thinking, effective communication, and leadership change
  • Organizational Leaders Program (OLP): Transform high-performing technical and functional experts into future business leaders with one-on-one coaching
  • Delivery Ready Training: Increase leadership effectiveness among managers and potential managers with coaching for improvised communication, performance, and professional development
Organizational Development

Organizational development has an impact from the top down, improving overall performance and satisfaction at all levels of the organization. Organizational development programs establish a foundational understanding of your culture and leaders, allowing you to evolve efficiently and create overall growth in the organization.

  • Succession Planning: Increase the likelihood of a successful senior leadership change. We partner with Boards of Directors, CEOs, and senior leadership teams to customize an approach to meet your specific situation and needs
  • Leadership Insights: Objectively and confidentially gain insights into the strengths and development areas of leadership teams
  • Culture Assessment: Compare current culture with the desired organizational culture to uncover gaps and priority areas for investment in leadership development and culture change
  • Stay Interviews: Develop keen perceptions around why leaders might choose to stay or leave your organization in order to adapt accordingly
Leadership Selection Assessment

Leaders determine your company’s success, yet organizations hire the wrong candidate for leadership positions a significant portion of the time.

Utilizing our Selection Assessment for critical roles ensures the odds are in your favor. Our expert consultants evaluate the needs of your organization and with the specific role. Through an assessment process, we help identify the right candidate to suit your needs and culture. We provide objective, third-party data to confirm the organizational fit and provide a hiring recommendation.

How to Start Developing Your Organization’s Leadership

  1. Contact Keystone Partners and tell us about the challenges your organization faces with its leaders
  2. Connect with an expert consultant to identify next steps toward optimizing your leadership
  3. Receive immediate support to cultivate competitive advantage across your leadership teams

Other Keystone Partners Services

All of our programs—including leadership development—are designed to reskill and upskill talent across your organization. Transform your company’s potential with our suite of programming and support services:


What leadership skills are needed in today’s corporate environment?

In order to be successful, leaders need to develop a range of ultra-modern skillsets, including developing a sense of psychological safety among their employees, active listening and communication, and the ability to adapt strategically to digital disruption. Keystone Partners’ Leadership Development programs ensure your leaders have these skills and more.

Are leadership skills transferable?

Yes, leadership skills are transferable. However, many HR leaders are concerned they won’t be able to develop skills across their teams fast enough. By investing in your leaders with next-generation skill sets, they’ll share them with their teams and ensure your company’s long-term organizational competitiveness.

What is the process of leadership development?

Leadership development is not a one-time process, but an ever-evolving experience. The most effective leaders constantly pursue new leadership development opportunities in order to continually sharpen their skills and build better teams.

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