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Senior executives in transition face an abundance of opportunities. With the support of Keystone Partners, they’ll select the right one.

Navigating what lies ahead—a career change, executive role, board seat, retirement, or something else entirely—is a weighty decision that deserves the insights of peer-level consultants like those at Keystone Partners.

With targeted insights, deep personal support, and a worldwide network of connections, we ensure senior executives aren’t just prepared for what’s next, they’re eager to move forward and can address any challenge the transition brings.

Facilitate smooth transitions and stronger leadership with executive transition and coaching.

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Opportunities Presented by Executive Services

More often that expected, externally hired executives aren’t right for the position. Paired with company-wide structural shifts, mergers, acquisitions, cost-cutting measures, and management changes, it’s likely your organization will experience necessary evolutions at the executive level.

That’s why it is integral that you have executive transition and coaching services in place for senior-level leaders. Doing so provides a wealth of benefits for your organization and its leadership. Consultants like Keystone Partners’ offer support, including:

  • Perform Extensive Research: It can take executives six months to a year to find a new position on their own. We provide research and in-depth data on companies so that leaders can focus on opportunities that matter
  • Develop Self-Awareness: With our proprietary assessment process, VIA℠ (Vision Insights Action), executives can accurately determine the types of organizations that best align with their strengths and intentions
  • Build Next-Generation Skills: Most executives stay in their positions for several years, long enough for their skill gaps to broaden. Executive career consulting fills those gaps with today’s job search technology, interviewing, networking, and presentation skills
  • Consider All Options: Opportunities abound for senior executives, and the support of a peer-level career consultant helps them consider all the options, including entrepreneurship, retirement, or board placement, as well as other career paths as standard avenues
  • International Connections: Networking is an essential tool to succeed. Our global network of senior-level consultants and experts provides insights today and influences careers tomorrow
  • Smooth Transitions: Essex Partners facilitates a smooth transition for the exiting leader and the entering one, minimizing the disruptions and delays inherent to change

Our Approach to Executive Transition & Coaching

With one of the industry’s highest satisfaction rates at 97% and a 99% referral rate, Keystone Partners and our Essex services truly is a proven partner in executive services.

Our executive-level consultants leverage decades of experience in both business and career management to offer expert advice across industries.

Keystone Partners’ executive transition division, Essex Partners, follows a proven process that includes a go-to-market strategy and an action plan that offers premiere consulting services until executives achieve success.

Our one-on-one consulting style gives us insight into each executive’s aspirations, abilities, and experience so we can help them pursue opportunities that best reflect their vision of a successful future.

Our Executive Services

Essex Partners: Executives in Transition

While senior-level leaders have faced crossroads in their careers before, these decisions become increasingly complex as their expertise and experience grows.

Essex Partners, Keystone’s exclusive division for C-level executives in transition, offers the support they need to navigate these changes, including:

  • Premier consulting services customized to each executive’s unique needs and ambitions
  • Hands-on assistance with every aspect of job and board searches, including resumes, bios, LinkedIn profiles, and social media creation
  • One of the largest and longest-standing networks of career contacts, search firms, and executive alumni
  • Private consulting for interviewing, networking, negotiation, onboarding, and presentation skills
  • Professional research for in-depth data on companies, executive profiles, and compensation levels
  • Spouse or partner involvement by invitation from the executive
  • Offices in major cities around the world for national and international opportunities

Executive Coaching

Studies indicate a 788% ROI on executive coaching. Whether your organization is onboarding a new executive or looking to strengthen an existing leader, investing in executive coaching leads to massive returns for your entire team, including increases in revenue, employee retention, and goal attainment.

Executive Team Development

Organizations with a vibrant coaching and development culture often report higher revenue than their peers. This culture begins at the top with executive team development, which can lead to a 48% rise in organizational performance.

Through leadership development, your leaders are aligned in their skills and approach. They are also able to translate these abilities and objectives to reports organization-wide, leading to a more adaptive and productive workforce.

How to Get Started

  1. Connect with Keystone Partners and share your organization’s vision for your executive team’s development or transitions
  2. Lean on our partner-level consultants for insights into the best plan of action for your company
  3. Receive immediate, expert support as you engage in a new future for your executive team

Our Additional Services

Our combined services aim to support organizations and the people within them with high-touch programming designed to optimize teams and spur growth.

Keystone Partners’ additional services include:


How do I facilitate an executive transition?

Whether your organization is restructuring or you’re preparing to consider new candidates, transitioning an executive from a role requires the expert insights of experienced career consultants like those at Essex Partners. We provide support at every stage of the transition, including assessments, research, private coaching, and hands-on assistance in their job search or post-career explorations to ensure a smooth outplacement.

What are the benefits of executive coaching?

Executive coaching can lead to huge returns company-wide, including increased revenue, productivity, and retention, as well as optimal communication skills and employee buy-in.

What are the options for an executive in transition?

Executives in transition face a wealth of opportunities, including:

– A new executive role
– Career change
– A seat on a board of directors
– Entrepreneurship
– PE/VC involvement
– Portfolio career
– Retirement

Our peer-level consultants help executives navigate these decisions and select the path that’s right for their unique circumstances and aspirations.

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The first step to achieving long-term organizational success starts with an honest conversation about your organization’s biggest challenges and aspirations. Tell us about your organization and our professional consultants will follow up to discuss which results-driven solutions we think will work best for you.

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