Preparing for a Virtual Job Search

These are unprecedented times with the COVID-19 virus and as a result we are all navigating uncharted territories.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we must take care of our basic physiological (food, water, clothing, shelter) and safety (security, employment, health) needs before devoting time to our psychological (love and belonging, and self-esteem) and self-fulfillment needs.

The impact of COVID-19 requires you to juggle multiple priorities both emotionally and financially and can be especially challenging for job seekers. Therefore, now is a good time to take the time to learn new skills and prepare for future success.

Being comfortable with technology is imperative for job seekers who suddenly find themselves in a “virtual job search.” Online learning platforms including General Assembly, Coursera, and edX offer a range of no and low cost programs -all the way through advanced learning -that can help you learn the latest skills to enhance your opportunities. The good news is that interviews have not slowed down and if you have experience being successful in a remote, or “virtual,” work environment, you have the skills that are needed for successful remote interviewing.

In this self-quarantined job market, you need to be ready for virtual job interviews via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Go To Meeting, WebEx, and Google Hangouts. Familiarize yourself with the free services such as Zoom, Google, or Skype; and practice by having video chats with friends and family; be sure to test out screen and document sharing as well.

Take this time to research the type of companies that need your skills, and use LinkedIn to network virtually. Follow your targeted companies on LinkedIn, and reach out to your connections to check on how they are doing. While job offers might be on hold, the job market is viable and interviews are still happening. Be prepared and armed with the appropriate technology skills to make good impressions that reinforce your candidacy for the position.

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