Episode 93 — Nancy Folan — Amundi Asset Management US

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Dave is joined by Nancy Folan, the CHRO at Amundi Asset Management US on this episode of The Hennessy Report by Keystone Partners.

Nancy shares her journey as a first generation Italian working for a European owned organization, initially taking the opportunity to work as a liaison at the Italian parent company to aid in sourcing talent.

Having headed HR for over 20 years, Nancy shares the challenges and bridge building that come with a global organization and how to build skilled teams.

Nancy also describes her leadership development philosophy and her strategy behind using external coaches to create a coaching culture.

This episode’s NEHRA question of the podcast covers how to identify key moments for leadership development for organizations with lean budgets, and the pitfalls of promoting technical leaders without providing coaching.

She is very proud of her team’s work in identifying unconscious bias and their evolving DEI journey. To build an inclusive organization Nancy discusses partnering with the NeuroLeadership Institute, whose work is scientifically based and difficult to dispute.

Nancy is a captivating speaker with deep expertise in global HR.

She is so known for attracting and developing HR leaders that our next guest, Kim Hazen – CPO at Fulcrum Therapeutics, was previously a member of Nancy’s team.

About The Guest

Nancy Folan

Senior Human Resource Executive with a passion for developing human capital and creating integrated, collaborative and inclusive cultures. Strategic partner in shaping regenerative and evolved talent in the service of colleagues, customers and community. Experienced leadership and executive coach.

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