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Dave is joined by Keystone colleague Shawna Simcik in this special edition of The Hennessy Report.

Shawna and her team from ICC, the company Shawna co-founded with Susan Ruhl, recently joined the Keystone Partners community, bringing some amazing expertise and passion for leadership development. Together we will continue to support organizations and leaders at all levels through defining moments.

One of the key offerings Shawna’s team brings to Keystone Partners is the Accelerator program, a technology-based, holistically threaded development program teaching through micro-learning, practical application, cohort sessions, and accountability for front-line leaders and first-time managers who are often overlooked. She explains how Accelerator can impact critical pain points such as high turnover, low employee engagement, and retention issues within 30 days.

Shawna also explains part of the research that influenced Accelerator – the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, a study on when and how we memorize material. Two weeks from now, how much will you remember from this episode?

A self-proclaimed “geek” for research, Shawna is excited for Keystone Partners upcoming research study on creating a resilient workforce – stay tuned for more!

Shawna has an electric personality and some wonderful analogies you won’t want to miss!

About The Guest

Shawna Simcik

As the Senior Sales Partner at Keystone Partners, Shawna is responsible for successfully managing and fostering current and prospective client relationships, ensuring proper and consistent delivery of team and Accelerator leadership development services and planning and executing the business strategy to consistently deliver innovative solutions. A Colorado native, she graduated with a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Nebraska. She is an authentic leader with a strong commitment to mentoring, promoting collaboration and developing new approaches that are built on credibility, creativity, ethics and knowledge.

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