Episode 79 – Nakesha Lopez – Baylor Scott & White Health

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Dave is joined by Nakesha Lopez, CHRO and interim Chief Diversity Officer at Baylor Scott & White Health, the largest not for profit healthcare provider in Texas.

Nakesha speaks passionately about their investment into mental health, wellbeing, coaching, and leadership development programs and the part they have played in letting employees know they are supported.

She covers her recent focus on metrics to raise retention, vacancy rates, and engagement scores as well as her conviction that everyone is a DEIB leader, and thus must be integrated in our every day. Her team’s DEIB priority hones in on active listening, creating a culture of inclusion, and closing gaps in care.

Nakesha also goes into detail on how her team was able to tackle the industry agnostic talent acquisition crisis, with job openings climbing from 2,700 to 6,000 in a one year span.

You will love this episode of The Hennessy Report.

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