Episode 76 – Darren Murph – GitLab

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Dave is joined by Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab, a DevOps company and first all-remote organization to go public.

Darren explains that his role sits at the nexus of people operations and strategic communications, but that it’s such a new concept, it actually exists in different departments from company to company.

CNBC has called Darren “the oracle of remote work” and we learn some of his predictions for the “future of work” such as “meeting hygiene,” a focus on asynchronous work, and, of course, increased remote work.

Darren is truly an expert in organizational design and shaping remote teams. You will truly take away actionable plans and thought provoking perspectives from this episode.

As Darren says, the most dangerous words of business are, “we’ve always done it that way…”

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