Episode 74 – Carlos Echalar – CDM Smith & NEHRA

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Dave was joined by Carlos Echalar at NEHRA’s first live conference in two years.

Carlos is the CHRO at CDM Smith and the most recent president of the board of NEHRA. (Fun fact: Carlos is the 4th president of NEHRA’s board to appear on the podcast!)

Carlos discusses NEHRA’s executive women’s program, of which he was a mentor, CDM Smith’s commitment not to layoff or furlough any of their employees due to the pandemic, and their mission to deliver water and infrastructure to all.

He explains that they are involved in every water treatment plant around the US, and were brought in to aid Flint Michigan.

NEHRA Events (March 2022):

Tomorrow 3/10 – Talent Acquisition Summit: learn.nehra.com/nehras-talent-sum…duct_tab_overview

3/31 – Annual Diversity & Inclusion Awards Gala with FIFA World Cup Champion, activist and best-selling author, Abby Wambach as the keynote speaker: www.gala.nehra.com/

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