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The Dream Team: Lifespan and The Hennessy Report!

Dave is joined by Lisa Abbott, renown for building great HR teams and Lifespan’s SVP of HR and Community Affairs, where they believe in treating health care like a team sport.

Lifespan is Rhode Islands’ largest employer, and wishes to be the “jewel of the community” of which it serves.

Lisa heralds the heroism of all caregivers throughout the pandemic, and discusses creative ways they’ve provided support to their most vulnerable employees, raising ~$150,000 in a couple of hours for their grocery, child care, and other concerns.

She also covers their unique approach to the national nursing staffing crisis, a new EAP program, her change management approach, and ongoing cultural integration.

You won’t want to miss Lisa’s episode of The Hennessy Report. Her passion and expertise shine through.

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