Episode 67 – Tracey Franklin – Moderna

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Dave and Omar were joined by Tracey Franklin, CHRO at Moderna, the Cambridge, MA based biotech to thank for one of the leading, FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines.

As recipients and family of recipients, we want to thank the heroic employees of not only Moderna, but every organization that has strived to save so many lives and make such a huge difference in the world. Listening to Tracey describe the 24/7 dedication and tears of pride felt by all at Modera is indescribable. Please join us in celebrating them.

Tracey takes us back to pre-pandemic times, through Moderna’s unique process developing a non-traditional vaccine, and that defining moment when they realized they were successful.

She explains how they were able to move at different pace and speed to traditional vaccines, ramping up from 800 employees by immediately onboarding hundreds who were able to share in a renewed sense of purpose and control in a time of such uncertainty around the world.

Tracey attributes much of their success to Moderna’s culture, which was built off of risk and belief in the science of mRNA.

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