Episode 61 – Denise Vargas – El Hogar Projects, Honduras

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Dave is joined by Denise Vargas, Executive Director of El Hogar Projects – Honduras. After a long corporate career, starting in HR, Denise returned to her roots in Honduras to pursue a sense of true purpose through impactful work.

Founded 41 years ago, El Hogar Projects provides education and boarding for children in the most vulnerable conditions through a curriculum of entrepreneurship and self-sustainability to build tomorrow’s leaders.

They were affected not only by COVID, but two hurricanes that swept through the area. Denise talks about their response, and all employees’ dedication to fulfilling a lifelong dedication to the mission.

All tuition is free for students, as El Hogar operates as an internationally funded organization. See ways that you or your organization can get involved here: elhogar.org/get-involved/

Also listen to the end of the podcast for two poetry readings Denise shared with us.

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