Episode 51 – Dawn Frazier-Bohnert – Liberty Mutual

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As so many are disproportionately effected by the global pandemic, employees and workplaces are being forced to adopt and adapt to a new normal. Dawn’s mantra – diversity is about all of us – reminds us that the actions we take influence those around us in ways we may overlook.

Dawn discusses defining diversity and laying out a holistic framework for Liberty Mutual once she joined as Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer in 2013.

One of their most recent initiatives is an inclusion in action video series featuring 9 key skills geared at moving employees beyond awareness through relatable examples and actionable advice. One example that Dawn shares addresses practicing inclusion through virtual meetings.
(Now available through inclusioninaction.com – all proceeds go to a non-profit for youth development.)

Dawn also credits “Quiet” by Susan Cain as the book that changed her life, helping her understand the differences between introvert stereotypes and truths. You can also listen to Dave’s jealousy over yet another guest recounting their experience seeing “Hamilton” with the original cast!

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