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Our guest this week is based in Melbourne, Australia. Due to the recent fires spreading across the country, we ask that you consider taking a moment to support in any way that you can. If you don’t know where to begin, our guest, Siobhan, recommends the Australian Red Cross and the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (links below). Thank you.


The podcast is going global!

Siobhan McHale is an HR powerhouse, having helped transform ANZ bank from the lowest performing bank in Australia into one of the top performing banks in the world through a radical shift in culture. She is currently the EGM of People, Culture & Change at DuluxGroup in Melbourne and the author of “The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change,” due to be published in February 2020.

Dave and Siobhan first met through a provocative article she posted to LinkedIn, discussed in the podcast. Dave was fascinated by her writing, sharing it both on social and around all of the Keystone offices.

The two discuss Siobhan’s approach to culture change, the differences she found from acting as a consultant and advisor to working in the trenches of an organization, and how to prevent cynicism from taking root during a transformation.

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