Pivoting to Serve Clients During COVID-19

At Keystone Partners, one of our core values is responsiveness. We recognize the importance of people reaching out for information and/or support and we are committed to providing that. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March our commitment to responsiveness expanded to include innovative solutions for our clients, and each person with whom we are working.

Our Career Transition services team moved operations to 100% virtual delivery within 24 hours. We have the technological and operational capabilities and experience to deliver high quality services while working remotely. We continue to deliver all of our individual and group meetings, workshops, and training via video chat and webinar platforms.

To maintain our high level of service, we converted all job search and resilience workshops to a webinar platform and developed multiple specialized “Job Searching during COVID-19” webinars.

Recognizing that participants might be facing longer than usual job searches due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we extended all programs with an additional 60-day access to our career portal at no additional cost. This includes all live webinars, on demand webinars, and research tools.

Our Leadership Development practice has also quickly adapted to the current environment with virtual chemistry meetings, coaching sessions via secure video conference, and even virtual executive team development sessions. We have expanded our webinar offerings to include topics that are now critical such as “Managing Remotely,” “Effective Virtual Meetings,” and “Resilience and Wellbeing.”

If you are a Keystone Partners client…thank you. If you are thinking about becoming a client, let’s continue to build a trusting relationship.

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