It’s Summer -Where Did Everybody Go?

Find smart ways to job search through the summer.

One thing that has mystified me since moving to the US is where everybody goes during the summer. No, I’m not looking for travel tips. I mean, how is it that so many people disappear, when Americans get so little vacation and are so bad at taking time off, compared with the rest of the world? This mystery aside, summer is a great time for job seekers, as counter-intuitive as this seems. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Calendars have more openings. Decision makers may have more time available to meet with you -tax season is over and the busy end-of-year holiday period has not yet begun. With some employees on summer vacation, companies have fewer scheduled events that tie up people.
  2. Be creative and flexible. Even though hiring managers may have fewer work commitments over the summer, they are likely to have more family commitments that will take them out of the office. Be flexible in scheduling to meet with them, and suggest creative ways to catch up with them out of the office or virtually.
  3. Take time to network. With many people vaccinated, 2021 is likely to see the return of some summer parties and social events that will give you a chance to forge relationships in informal settings. But, after that barbecue or party is over, you need to reach out to connect on LinkedIn, and/or follow up and schedule a meeting with the executive you met.
  4. Work does not stop. The business has to keep running, even though there are people on vacation over the summer. And many businesses are ramping up after the dramatic disruption caused by the pandemic. This might open up temporary opportunities, which may lead to permanent positions.
  5. Fewer distractions, easier onboarding. With fewer work distractions over the summer and more companies returning to the office in the wake of the pandemic, the interview process can be accelerated. Then, when it comes time to hire, the onboarding process can also be speeded up, with more time to get acclimated before things become busier. As well, if relocation is involved, families have time to get settled and kids will start the school year in the new location with everybody else.

The bottom line is that you need to continue your job search, regardless of the time of year. If you feel “nothing is happening” that may be a sign you need to do something differently. Each season has its challenges, but, if you are smart about it, you can find ways to make the most of every season.

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