5 Reasons to Utilize Outplacement Services After Being Laid Off

Why are recently laid off employees smart to take advantage of invaluable outplacement services when offered to help navigate the transition and land faster in a new role?

After a job loss, time is often of the essence. After a layoff, if your employer offers free outplacement services and support as part of your severance package, it is wise to take advantage of this service, which is free to you, so that you can land faster in a new role.

Companies that invest in these benefits really do want to see you land well. Below, we outline some of the top reasons to partner with a career coach offering outplacement support.

1.     Align your Career Goals

The experts in this field who will help you navigate the job search process come with a Career Management lens. They ask the important questions and help you determine what your career trajectory looks like and how to better position yourself as a candidate. This is done by helping you define, target, and evaluate your next career move or pivot based upon your skills, interests, needs, abilities, and values. Career consultants work to understand your career goals and provide you with the necessary tools, framework, expert support, and feedback to conduct your own effective job search campaign. Skills assessments play an important role in determining what your focus should be in your job search.

2.     Reduce Transition Time  

Navigating transition is never easy and is often a lonely sport. Having a career consultant makes it a less solitary process, as they will partner with you and answer your questions, share what works, and help guide you in making decisions throughout the process. Furthermore, utilizing outplacement services can reduce your transition time. Some studies suggest that those who take full advantage of career transition programs, like those offered by Keystone Partners, can land in 50% less time and in roles that align to their career goals and needs. We give you an edge by passing along our knowledge on job search best practices as well as trends in the market, including things like industries and companies that are hiring, and roles that are in demand. Being armed with this knowledge will allow you to create and execute your plan efficiently and in less time.

3.    Navigate the Transition with Expert Support 

A resume tells a series of stories. Is yours dated? Is it compelling and does it tell your story the way you want it to be told? Does your LinkedIn profile enhance that story and let others know what type of colleague you are? 

Working with a career coach will allow you to get expert advice on your resume and LinkedIn profile, which are essential marketing collateral as you embark on your job search. Social media is the top resource recruiters use to attract and find candidates for their job openings and LinkedIn is by far the biggest tool. Optimizing and using LinkedIn is a critical part of job searches in most industries and positions.

A career consultant can also help you craft your personal brand messaging and help you leverage social media to maximize your exposure and be found by recruiters.  

4.     Help Grow your Network

Cultivating relationships and networking are an essential part of a successful job search strategy. One of the biggest obstacles in a job search is developing a successful networking strategy. Working with a career coach can help networking seem less daunting and perhaps even a bit fun!

As one of our Partners, Tad Mayer, recently shared in a blog post that networking is by far the most effective activity to engage in when seeking a new job. One research study suggests that you are nine times more likely to get hired if you are an employee referral. Data from Jobvite suggests that employee referrals are the second highest hiring source (40%), with internal candidates being the top source.  

5.     Find the Right Role for You

There may be a sense of urgency to land another job quickly for many reasons. You may be concerned about a gap on your resume or worry about the financial impact of being unemployed. But when you work with a certified career consultant, it is their job to make sure that you are staying on the path of what your career goals are. Career consultants will help you navigate risk versus reward as far as timeline.  They will ask you important questions to get at the heart of what you need to ensure that your next role is the right role for you.

The goal of our certified career consultants here at Keystone Partners is not just to help you successfully navigate your transition to a new opportunity, but for you to also GROW in the process. Our career planning discussions increase your opportunity to land in a role that aligns to your skills and interests. The skills you will learn during your program will be with you for a lifetime as you manage your career, including the opportunity to grow your network. And most importantly, we partner with you to help you maintain a proactive, positive mindset during the ups and downs of the job searching process, providing you with the partnership, coaching, and tools you need to land that exciting new job!

Are you an HR professional planning a layoff or RIF? With more than 40 years of experience helping individuals successfully navigate career transitions and a full suite of company-sponsored outplacement service offerings, we can help with all of your reduction-related needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Were you recently impacted by a reduction or layoff and offered Keystone Partners’ outplacement services as part of your severance package? Contact us today to learn how our team of certified career consultants can help you land your next role! 

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