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Maintain your competitive advantage by anticipating skill gaps and building proactive solutions across your talent pipeline.

Modern organizations face an ever-expanding skill deficit across all levels of their workforce. Nearly one-third of the skills needed for a job in 2018 were irrelevant by 2022.

Many human resources leaders worry they can’t develop skill-building solutions quickly enough to meet the demands of their industry.

Companies that meet these obstacles head on and proactively analyze and address their organizational skills gaps will find opportunity in the challenge. Having Keystone as your partner ensures your organization does just that.

Transform your organization by creating a culture of skill-based learning with Keystone Partners.

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Skirting the Skill Deficit with Cross-Organizational Talent Development

In the face of a global skill deficit, successful organizations are developing talent strategies that prioritize skills and competencies. Doing so creates a more dynamic workforce that values resilience as much as productivity and adaptiveness as much as efficiency.

These new-world organizations cultivate a forward-looking and employee-focused culture with proactive solutions, including:

A Growth-Focused Talent Bench

Successful companies train managers to look inward for talent opportunities, yet many HR leaders don’t effectively develop mid-level managers. Keystone Partners’ Leadership Development programs build a sustainable talent bench of future leaders.

Access to Development Opportunities

When offered Career Development opportunities, 94% of employees will stay with their company longer. An investment in flexible skill solutions is an investment in retention.

Clear Advancement Paths

When employees can visualize a future with their organization, it’s statistically more likely they will advance within their company. Promotional transparency multiplies the effectiveness of our skill-building programs.

A Culture of Mentorship

Organizations are five times more likely to evolve successfully when their leaders model and mentor the changes they ask their employees to adopt. A culture of mentorship facilitates skill-sharing and growth.

Empowered Leadership

When you invest in your leaders, they take up your organizational torch and help turn purpose into action across your organization, including developing progressive skill sets.

Inclusive Culture

Building skills isn’t just a matter of learning facts, but of embracing creative and innovative thinking in order to ideate new solutions. An inclusive culture where all voices are heard is an integral strategy in skill building.

Our Services

An organization’s ability to anticipate skill gaps and build proactive solutions strengthens its existing talent model and recruits and retains first-class applicants. Companies that offer career development opportunities often experience a higher retention rate than their peers.

At Keystone Partners, all of our programs are designed to help organizations like yours implement flexible, talent-focused skill solutions. Doing so builds a culture of trust across all levels of talent that enables them to embrace and apply a growth mindset to every role, project, and opportunity.

These programs include:

  • Leadership Development: Invest in all levels of leaders to build a stronger talent bench focused on the future
  • Career Management: Ensure your employees can visualize and pursue their next career steps within your organization
  • Outplacement: Facilitate a smooth transition for exiting employees to protect your brand and their careers
  • Executive Services: Cater to the needs of your executive-level leaders with personalized solutions

Our Solutions to Organizations’ Greatest Challenges

The global skill deficit does not exist in a vacuum. It is one ripple amidst dozens of challenges—and opportunities—posed by an ever-evolving and increasingly complex work model.

Keystone Partners’ approach is intentionally comprehensive in order to help organizations make the most of this broad array of modern opportunities. Our programs can also help your organization:


What is a skill gap?

A skill gap occurs when the skills of your employees and the needs of your organization are not aligned. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including ineffective hiring strategies or unengaged employees, but more recently it is the effect of the disruption in the traditional work model.

What skills are most important in the modern workplace?

A variety of “soft skills,” such as resilience, the ability to learn and change, collaboration, and effective communication are the most important skills for modern employees. Keystone Partners’ Leadership Development and Career Development programs can help your talent develop these and other skills.

How does my company address a growing skill gap?

Your company can address a widening skill gap by investing in your employees. Whether through intentional reskilling or upskilling with career development programs, shifting your culture to encourage innovation and communication, or simply increasing benefits and compensation, investing in your employees increases retention and their engagement in your company. Both help narrow the skill gap further.

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