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Reduction in Force Services

Our Reduction in Force (RIF) services help organizations plan for the complexities of individual and large-scale reductions while supporting and respecting those departing the organization.

Keystone Partners RIF services help to smoothly and effectively:

  • Develop a notification plan and corresponding logistics
  • Streamline the transition process and enable timely implementation of the plan
  • Train HR and managers to effectively deliver corporate messaging, maintain open communication, and answer employee questions
  • Provide separating employees with information on the business rationale for the RIF as well as financial benefits and career support
  • Provide reference materials for separating employees to answer questions
  • Give employees the opportunity to exit the organization with dignity and self-respect
  • Minimize organizational disruption and reduce any potential security risks
  • Support remaining employees with resilience support

Interested in learning more about Keystone Partners has been helping organizations of all sizes successfully navigate reductions in force for the last 40 years? Contact us today to discuss how our Outplacement services can help safeguard your brand and your employees’ futures.


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