Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programs

Keystone Partners delivers leadership and management development programs to position your organization for the future.

Leadership Development Program

Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) takes a proven, blended learning approach to strengthen your business by ensuring your leaders have a shared vision and capability to lead for the future.

Practical and results-driven, the program includes individual coaching and group workshops, along with assessment and feedback, development planning designed to deliver sustainable leadership behavior, and skills at both the individual and enterprise level.

We tailor the program to focus on the leadership competencies most important to the individual leading to the success of the organization, which will:

  • Fuel the pipeline for succession and retention
  • Develop alignment and application of core leadership competencies
  • Support continuous improvement

Organizational Leaders Program

Keystone’s Organizational Leaders Program (OLP) transforms technical and functional experts into business leaders with an organization-wide perspective, strong decision-making capabilities, and the ability to influence change.

We designed OLP with Keystone’s Making The Shift model, which identifies needs and core leadership skills specific to your talent and organization. Participants partner with Keystone coaches to create individualized action plans that address short- and long-term professional goals.

OLP’s customized learning approach includes individual coaching, bi-monthly workshops, and peer groups to reinforce your talent’s development in a real-world context.

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