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Investing in opportunities for your team ensures your organization surmounts the rising tide of turnover and talent competition.

The global disruption of the workplace intensified the race for talent, as organizations contend not only with traditional competition, but a new range of nontraditional work experiences. Many human resources leaders are significantly concerned about their organization’s employee turnover in the coming months.

An inability to recruit and retain talent is arguably the greatest impediment to an organization’s growth—but strategic workforce planning offers the greatest competitive advantage.

Develop a talent strategy that capitalizes on the opportunities of today’s fierce employee marketplace with Keystone Partners.

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New World Strategies for Recruitment & Retention

Attracting and retaining talent requires more than a competitive salary or compelling benefits. The next generation of top-notch talent demands opportunities for growth and learning, transparent advancement paths, and a culture of psychological safety and inclusivity.

Today’s most successful companies are able to meet talent demands by offering the following:

High-Touch Benefits

Employees are leaving their organizations without another offer in hand because of uncaring leadership, a lack of meaningful work, and a shortage of support for their well-being. Cultivating these next-generation values through programs like those offered by Keystone Partners is essential to your success.

Career Development

A lack of career development is the number one reason why employees leave their positions. Providing employees with career and leadership development as well as clear opportunities for advancement is a crucial retention strategy.

Outplacement Strategy

After a staff reduction, voluntary attrition often increases as the employees who remain lose their trust in management. A well-developed outplacement strategy utilizing services such as those offered through Keystone Partners, intercepts this loss of organizational morale.

A Constructive Culture

Eighty-eight percent (88%) of applicants believe that a healthy work culture is integral to their success. Building this culture begins with a well-developed leadership suite that can translate purpose into behaviors.

An Inclusive and Diverse Work Environment

Many leaders in HR find it difficult to hold their organization’s leadership accountable for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging goals. But the most successful companies harness a spirit of DEIB to attract and retain talent.

Our Services

Keystone Partners is a career management and leadership development firm that will help develop talent-first principles across your organization in order to usher in a new era of talent magnetism.

Our programs foster critical competencies across all levels of your organization to instill a company-wide culture of trust and progress. These programs include:

  • Leadership Development: Ensure future and current leaders are ready to capitalize on opportunities for personal and organizational growth
  • Career Management: Build a resilient talent bench by investing in the development and advancement of employees across your organization
  • Outplacement: Protect your brand’s internal and external perception with an empathetic outplacement strategy
  • Executive Services: Support executive leaders as they ideate and pursue the next steps in their careers

Cross-Organizational Strategies for Building a More Dynamic Workforce

The rapid evolution of the workplace has underscored the importance of applying a talent mindset to all aspects of your work model. Working alongside Keystone Partners ensures your organization undertakes a talent strategy that addresses and even prospers from the challenges of modern human resources.

Together, we can help your organization:


Why is it difficult to retain employees?

With more opportunities than there are active employees to fill them, your employees have more options than ever in their job search. Organizations lose employees for reasons beyond compensation, such as lackluster benefits, an unhealthy culture, too few opportunities for advancement, to name just a few. Keystone Partners can help you avoid these common HR pitfalls.

How much does recruitment cost a company?

Recruiting a new employee costs companies an average of $4,700 per employee hired, but it can be upwards of five figures for more senior employees. That’s why retention is vital…….it is important to invest in the development of your top employees, as it can help current and future management envision and embark on promotional opportunities within your organization rather than forcing them to look externally.

What are the most effective recruitment strategies?

The most important recruitment strategy is developing a talent-focused organization that appeals to the needs of the modern employee. This includes investing in relational opportunities like leadership development, career management, and supportive outplacement strategies.

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