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Career Management & Outplacement Services for Denver

Keystone Partners helps organizations in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs navigate internal career management, outplacement, & more.

How Keystone Partners Assists Colorado Businesses

Award-Winning Solutions

Our services have been recognized with some of the following accolades:

  • 85+ NPS Score
  • Industry best consultant-to-participant ratio


Net Promoter Score (NPS)


of participants in our Outplacement programs successfully achieve new positions with equal or greater compensation


Consultant-to-Participant Ratio (industry-leading)

Organization-Specific Programs

We also go above and beyond because we know that every organization is different:

  • Our career consultants curate personalized and actionable plans for your employees and organization-specific solutions for your HR department
  • Leverage Arch, our revolutionary, intuitive, and secure career gateway
  • Our talent-first approach dedicates hours versus minutes to every exiting employee
  • We increase talent retention in opposition to the rising tide of turnovers through career development and leadership training
  • We go beyond our services to support and partner with HR through sponsorships (such as NEHRA, SHRM, and Maine HR), quarterly panel events on trending pain points for HR, and curated content created by our career experts
  • We also produce The Hennessy Report, one of the top HR podcasts around

Major Industries in the Denver Area

Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs boast a diverse economic landscape where innovation, sustainability, and a love for nature contribute to a dynamic and vibrant business environment. From aerospace and bioscience to energy, IT, and outdoor recreation, these cities thrive as epicenters of innovation and growth. Some of these pivotal industries include:

  • Aerospace/Aviation – Denver and Boulder soar as important players in the aerospace and aviation industries. Companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing have established a strong presence, taking advantage of the region’s strategic location and skilled workforce to drive aerospace research and manufacturing.
  • Biosciences – the bioscience sector flourishes in these cities, propelled by cutting-edge research institutions like the University of Colorado Boulder. With companies like Terumo BCT and Ampio Pharmaceuticals, this area of the state contributes to advancements in biotechnology, medical research, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Energy – Colorado’s commitment to clean and renewable energy is reflected in its thriving energy industry. Renewable energy companies and research initiatives, such as Vestas and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), contribute to the state’s reputation as a leader in sustainable energy solutions.
  • Information Technology (IT) – these cities are tech hotspots as well, with Denver’s RiNo district buzzing with tech innovation and Boulder hosting renowned startups and giants like Google. These tech hubs drive progress in software development, cybersecurity, and more.
  • Outdoor Recreation – all of these cities benefit from their proximity to stunning natural landscapes, which fuels a flourishing outdoor recreation industry. Companies like The North Face and Patagonia leverage the region’s passion for outdoor activities, making it a hotbed for outdoor gear and lifestyle brands.


What are the most important layoff laws in Colorado?

Two critical aspects of employment law in Colorado are the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act and the “at-will” employment doctrine. The WARN Act mandates 60-day notice of mass layoffs or closures, offering affected employees time to prepare for job loss. However, Colorado also follows the “at-will” employment doctrine, which allows employers to terminate employees without giving a reason, except when it’s against public policy or contractual agreements.

What are the major factors that affect Denver’s job market?

The Great Resignation has attracted individuals to Colorado, prompting increased corporate investments in the region. The state also boasts a business and innovation culture that rivals traditional hubs on the East Coast and in California. However, hiring growth rates have been slowing. Early 2023 witnessed WARN layoffs at companies like Gymshark, Wanzek Construction,, Laramar Group LLC, and Aspen Sports, signaling shifts in the employment landscape.

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The blend of vibrant sectors paints a picture of an evolving business landscape that is both exciting and challenging. Navigating this landscape requires strategic expertise and a partner that understands the complexities of organizational growth, change, and talent development. With decades of experience spanning various sectors in regions across the nation, Keystone Partners is proud to be in your corner. Our comprehensive suite of outplacement, leadership development, and career management services equips organizations with the tools needed to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your organization’s next challenge.

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