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Nine in ten employees are open to new career opportunities, yet 80% don’t see those opportunities at their current employer.

With Keystone Partners’ Career Management services, your employees will visualize and pursue the next steps in their career—without looking outside of your company.

Career management services help companies evade these discouraging cross-industry statistics and enable them to gain a competitive advantage. With a well-established talent pipeline, a culture of learning, and transparent advancement paths established through career development services, you will equip your organization to not only advance ahead of the competition, but stay there.

Build a more dynamic talent model by investing in cross-organizational career management.

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Build a Stronger Talent Bench with Career Management Services

Most employees expect their organization to contribute to their career progression. By offering career management services, you’ll exceed employees’ expectations and reap the benefits company-wide. These benefits include:

  • Increased Retention: Companies with career development opportunities experience a higher retention rate
  • Internal Career Mobility: Career management services prepare employees for internal advancement and help companies avoid the cost of onboarding an external hire
  • Recruit Key Talent: The next generation of talent is looking for jobs with career growth opportunities, and companies with career development services have a distinct recruitment advantage
  • Alignment with Company Goals: Career management services help companies define and distribute organization-wide goals and ensure team cohesion
  • Skill Development: Nearly one-third of the skills needed for a job in 2018 are already irrelevant. Career management services ensure organizations base their talent strategies on next-generation skills, not just individual roles
  • Greater Career Satisfaction: Satisfied employees are more productive, and career management opportunities are a key strategy for achieving higher morale and satisfaction company wide

The Keystone Partners Approach to Career Management

People are your company’s greatest differentiator—and ours.

At Keystone Partners, we’ve built a diverse team of expert career consultants who are known throughout the industry as thought leaders in career management. We utilize their talents, skill sets, and experiences to hone the talent pools of organizations around the world.

Our career development services aren’t one-size-fits-all, but one-size-fits-one. Every one of your team members is unique, which is why we pair employees with the right dedicated career consultant. Their career consultant comes to know them personally in order to curate a personalized and actionable plan for their career progression.

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Our Career Management Services

Re-Deployment & Internal Mobility

Hiring externally is expensive. Recruiting a new employee costs companies an average of $4,700, but can extend beyond five figures for more senior-level positions. Paired with the global talent shortage, recruiting externally is an increasingly unsustainable prospect for HR leaders.

By re-deploying or mobilizing internal candidates, you can increase employee engagement and retention while also avoiding the rising costs and challenges of external hiring. Keystone Partners can help your organization identify the right opportunities for restructuring or advancing employees to ensure you are capitalizing on your existing talent pool.

Career Development Workshops

When offered career development opportunities, 94% of employees will stay with that organization longer. Our career development services are designed to reskill and upskill employees in order to achieve their career potential faster.

Through workshops for employees, managers, or HR leaders, your team members will learn how to navigate the steps of career progression with a suite of developmental tools.

Whether it’s holding effective career conversations or maximizing the value of reviews, your talent will develop the skills and desire necessary to advance their career within your organization.

Partner Relocation

When offered an excellent onboarding experience, employees are likely to stay with their company for three years or longer. Great onboarding isn’t just a matter of company culture, skill building, and clear communication about responsibilities. It also accounts for your new employees’ personal lives.

Keystone Partners’ Partner Relocation service assist partners and their spouses during the relocation process. We ensure that your new hire and their family have the support they need to create and sustain a positive, long-term relationship with your company.

How to Get Started with Organizational Career Management

  1. Connect with Keystone Partners and share your challenges and ideas for how to develop your team’s career opportunities
  2. Talk with an expert career consultant and identify the best path forward for your organization’s career development options
  3. Immediately receive support to alleviate career growth pain points and build better solutions across your organization

Our Other Services

Keystone Partners’ services lend equal importance to developing your organizational efficiency and resilience. By doing so, we ensure you’re prepared to work quickly through whatever challenges lie ahead.

Our services include:


Who is responsible for career development?

While employees are ultimately responsible for their career paths, developing the skills necessary to advance is a responsibility that’s shared with their employers. Furthermore, 49% of employees expect their employers to support their career progress.

When does career development start?

Career development can—and should—apply to all levels of employees. By supporting your employees with career management services, you build and safeguard a talent pipeline that promotes the success of your team.

How does career development foster employee commitment?

Retention is three times higher when employees see opportunities for career growth at their organization. By investing in your employees and providing a transparent path for advancement, employees can visualize their long-term success at your company, rather than searching for it elsewhere.

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