Career Transition Services

Find future success by discovering a new opportunity or launching a new career path.

While a career transition can feel overwhelming, you don’t have to tackle it alone. Keystone Partners provides the runway for you to make the most of this juncture. With the tools and support of our certified career consultants, you can find a new opportunity, negotiate offers, or launch a new career path and find future success.

Keystone Partners’ individualized approach helps ensure success. In fact, 82% of participants in our career transition services move into roles at equal or greater compensation.

I wanted to share that I am making a jump to a med-device startup that just received FDA clearance and is ready to launch. The package offered to me was phenomenal!
-Outplacement Alumn

Are you ready to find new opportunities, higher compensation, and professional growth? Contact Keystone Partners at (617) 720-7300 or complete our online form to connect with your provided certified career consultant at no cost to you.

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Our Unique Approach to Career Transition Services

Our first step with every client navigating a career transition is to complete a thorough assessment and receive detailed feedback.

Keystone Partners’ certified career consultants will then work one-on-one with you on career advancement skills, from resume development to job search strategy, while tapping into our global network to drive your job search.

We’re able to provide unparalleled personalized consultation.

1 to 30 is the industry best consultant to participant ratio.

We work with you to develop the skills and tools needed to take agency over your own career. You’ll be prepared to skillfully navigate this transition, as well as any others that come your way.

Take the first step and connect with your certified career consultant by calling Keystone Partners at (617) 720-7300.

What to Expect from Career Transition Services

In a time when the future may seem uncertain, career transition services provide a sense of stability and a path forward. Leaning on the expertise of certified career consultants can alleviate many of the unknowns and provide a series of long-term career benefits, including:

  • Actionable next steps: When your career is in flux, it’s difficult to know how to move forward or which actions to prioritize. Our team of consultants are experts in career transition and can help you outline a clear course of action and sense of direction
  • Career empowerment: You may feel a loss of control over your career. Utilizing outplacement services empowers you to reestablish agency over your future
  • Job search skills: The skills and tools you develop while working with one of Keystone’s career consultants will help you land the best job possible, as expeditiously as possible. These tools will continue to serve you throughout the course of your career
  • Faster placement: The easiest way to alleviate the stress after a job loss is to land somewhere new. Career transition support ensures you do so faster
  • A broader professional network: Working with our team of experts connects you to a diverse network of executive recruiters and professionals who will serve you in this and future job searches

As you begin to consider new opportunities, navigating this journey with one of our career consultants on your team can instill a positive, proactive mindset, and provide a fundamental building block to your success. With no personal expenses or time wasted on the wrong opportunities, partnering with a certified career consultant offers a distinct advantage.

I was thinking as to how I got here in my career? The advice of my career consultant four years ago really set me on the right track and so glad that followed your advice for the career path. Thank you for helping me through the transition process!
-Outplacement Alumn

Career Transition FAQs

What is career transition support or “outplacement?”

Often the terms Career Transition and Outplacement are interchangeable. Both refer to those services provided to departing employees to successfully transition to new opportunities where the potential for greater opportunities and higher compensation can be realized. The opportunities most commonly considered are reemployment, self-employment/entrepreneurial ventures, and consulting.

We work with people at all skill levels and with a wide range of experience. As such, we also frequently work with individuals who are considering joining a board and/or retirement as options.

What does my program include?

Your Career Transition program includes sessions with a dedicated Career Consultant and begins when you first meet to establish your transition goals and action plan. It also includes access to the latest job search technology, webinars, and training. These resources help guide you through a proven assessment, planning, preparation, marketing, opportunity evaluation, negotiation, and closure process that can be customized depending on whether you seek corporate reemployment, elect to start a new venture, choose self-employment, or plan to retire. With ongoing support, you will develop goals, materials, strategies, and a plan to maximize your success.

Can you tell me more about Keystone Partners?

Companies engage Keystone Partners to provide professional advice and job search support to employees experiencing a job loss. Career transitions are inevitable due to changes in organizational and business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, or simply an employee/position mismatch. Whatever the cause, we aim to reduce the stress of your transition and help you apply effective job search strategies that will help you land a new opportunity faster.

Our belief in “finding what works” is central to our reputation for excellence in outplacement and career transition services. We combine innovative and proven approaches to help you find your way.

How much does it cost to enroll in career transition services?

Our expertise is available to you at no cost. Your human resources department has enlisted Keystone Partners for the benefit of its exiting employees.

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Don’t go through this transition alone. Take advantage of this free opportunity to work with a dedicated consultant motivated by your success. Please ask us about any and all questions or hesitations you may have regarding our process, what working with us will both look and feel like, and what outcomes our alumni have experienced, having been in your shoes.

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