Episode 75 – Dr. Shanita Williams – SNHU

Culture, HR Strategy, HR Trends, Talent Management


In this special edition of The Hennessy Report, Dave is joined by Dr. Shanita Williams, SNHU, in front of a live audience at Strategic HR.

Shanita’s energy and passion draw you in as she shares personal and professional experiences that HR professionals will undoubtedly relate to, and draw inspiration from.

She explains SNHU’s mission to create access to higher education and how the university works with companies to invest in their talent.

Shanita also goes into detail on programs her team has implemented, including:

  • training employees to carry out culture audits across the company
  • a university-wide recognition platform where 41% of their organization has received some form of recognition
  • developed communities, resulting in a 21 point increase in employees’ perceptions of peer relationships

Shanita has also released a book titled, “Feedback Mentality: The key to unlocking and unleashing your full potential” where she provides a unique perspective.

You’ll love this episode of The Hennessy Report.

Unlocking Potential.
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