Episode 71 – Genein Letford – CAFFE Strategies

Culture, HR Strategy, HR Trends, Talent Management


Dave was joined by Genein Letford, CEO of CAFFE Strategies and recent Keynote speaker at NEHRA’s 2021 Annual Conference.

Genein explains the pivotal realization that dealing with a stutter has had, and continues to have, a positive impact on her sense of self and understanding of resilience.

In describing the work her company does around ‘intercultural creative thinking,’ she defines schemas and how they play into the development of curiosity, creativity, and stepping out of routines to positively impact business strategies and innovations.

Genein has a touching perspective on Maya Angelou and the drive to leave all of her creative thinkings behind without regret.

(Also keep an ear out towards the end for a surprising fact about Genein. Hint: what reality show would you expect her to have appeared on?)

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