Episode 52 – Steve Pemberton – Workhuman

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CHRO, past Senate candidate, and autobiographical author of “A Chance in the World,” Steve Pemberton has led an inspiring life of extremes. He shares deeply personal memories and mindsets, from mentors to the future strategies of D&I.

Workhuman’s mission fits Steve’s personal view of “HR as the people who take care of people” as the company provides the technology for moments that matter.

Steve is candid about his foray into politics, a culture he found to be so misaligned with the world of its citizens. Where he was driven by a desire to alleviate income inequality he found in leaders an outright “resistance to course correcting.”

Listen to more of Steve’s unique experiences and worldview, how Watership Down by Richard Adams changed his life, and the existence of human lighthouses now. Once you have, you’ll agree with Dave that we haven’t heard the last from Steve Pemberton!

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